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Think of this amino acid as a one-stop-shop for your immune system. It powerfully breaks down acetaldehyde, the toxin egging on your hangover.


An essential mineral for liver function, which helps your body to absorb vital nutrients.

Milk Thistle

Our Mediterranean go-to, every time. This flowering herb is home to Silymarin, an anti-inflammatory active ingredient for the body. Not to mention the ultimate liver detoxifier.

Chicory Root

Your new favorite probiotic, thanks to its restorative powers for the liver, intestinal health and blood sugar levels.


In short, the balancing nutrient most often drained from your body after alcohol consumption.

Vitamin B Complex

The maintenance guru of vitamins. It increases your ability to metabolize alcohol, while reducing stress.

Guarana Extract

Our favorite member of the caffeine family. This Brazilian miracle extract provides extra energy and alertness without overwhelming the senses.


An essential brain booster targeting mental fatigue and stress.


Clinically-approved for energy and antioxidant production. EZ-approved for just about everything.


The ultimate metabolism booster. Regulates sugar levels, while preserving your body against inflammation and disease.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The metabolism-enhancing, blood pressure-defying antioxidant, with a Brazilian twist.

Vitamin C

It’s MO: absorb and utilize crucial vitamins for optimal performance.

Vitamin B12

Your new best friend. B12 collects energy for your brain by aiding the metabolism of amino and fatty acids.


Revs up cognitive functioning and oxygen circulation. The mineral no one should go without.


Your ticket to REM. This is the key ingredient for a sound, natural sleep that gets brain waves back on track.

Lemon Balm

Say goodbye to nocturnal stress and anxiety. It’s what we call our Type-A overachieving herb.

Passion Flower

Clinically proven to enhance activity in your nervous system, while boosting antioxidant production.


Shapeshifts from L-Tryptophan to 5-HTP, serotonin, melatonin and vitamin B-3, in order to curb restlessness and encourage foolproof sleep.

Valerian Root

Powerful on its own; unstoppable when combined with Lemon Balm. It’s the answer to insomnia.


To stop you from waking up at night. Added bonus: prevents memory loss and fatigue.


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